Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Blog Love: Rock’n’Roll Bride

One of my favourite wedding blogs is the fun and fabulous Rock’n’Roll Bride –‘Your Big Day the Rock’n’Roll way’. I love the fact that it celebrates individuality and highlights how you can truly personalise your wedding day, whether you follow the wedding “rules” or not.

Kat whose blog it is (check out her fabulous pink hair!) sums it up best when she says:

“It’s not about being ‘cool’, being a rebel or even thinking of the most unique idea you can, it’s about planning a wedding that reflects you and your partner and declaring your love in your way.”

Photography has come a long way in recent years, long gone are the days of having an album with only formal photos outside the church. Rock’n’Roll Bride showcases some of the best modern day wedding photography from around the world, so if you’re looking for truly inspiring wedding images do take a look.

With so many amazing photographs and fabulous weddings it was hard to narrow down which ones to show. Here is just a small selection of photos from Rock’n’Roll Bride from the last few weeks...enjoy!

Little Bit of Happiness photo by Erica Berger

Standing Out From The Crowd photo by Katie Malone Photography

Skater Chick photo by Crisiti Dame via Rockstar Diaries

Backyard Swanky photo by Mathieu Photography

Monday, 27 July 2009

Colour Inspiration: Lime & Chocolate with touches of Lilac & Magenta

Antoine Amrani Chocolate Packaging from The Dieline
Lime Green floral arrangement by
Four Seasons Floral Design
Wedding Cake from
Project Wedding
Bridesmaids in Chocolate Satin Dresses photo by Sir Harrison Photography via
Project Wedding
Green Orchid Pomander by Paradise Delight via
Project Wedding
Lime and Lilac interior from
Anna French Wallpaper and Fabric
Invitation by Delphine Press via
Green Orchid Bouquet by Nicole Ha from
Project Wedding

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Always Planning Advice: Getting Started

You’ve had the proposal, you’ve accepted and now you’re officially engaged, what next? Well before you start choosing the colour of your confetti there are some big questions you both need to sit down and answer before you get carried away with all the details. Think of it as a big chain that interlinks, each link having a bearing on the next.

To begin with what kind wedding do you want? Have you always imagined having a big white wedding with all the traditional trimmings or do you see yourselves just wanting a good party. It’s your wedding, don’t be swayed by what you think is the right thing to do; you want it to be a personal reflection of you as a couple.

Next to consider is the big money question, how much do you want to spend on the wedding? Be realistic, look at your finances and work out how much you can afford, the start of married life is not the time to be getting into debt. Will you need to start saving or do you already have a pot put aside?

Are there any family members that want to help? If so it’s worth talking to them at this stage to establish what are they expecting in return, is it a no obligation gift or are they going to want a large say in what the money is being spent on. If you feel it’s going to compromise the kind of wedding you want then consider saying no. It’s always a good idea to use gifted money for a particular area of the wedding such as the flowers or drinks and give them some say in just that area.

When to marry? Is there a time of year that holds a special significance, an anniversary of an important date in your relationship? The budget may have a big effect on when you choose to get married because if you have to save you will need to give yourself long enough to do so. If the budget’s tight you may also want to consider getting married out of season i.e. not in the summer or think about a mid week wedding. Unless you’re having the most intimate of weddings or are willing to be incredibly flexible with dates you should ideally give yourselves at least a year to plan the wedding.

Make a provisional guest list as soon as you can, there’s no point looking for venues if you’ve no idea who’s coming? Split your list into groups, family, friends- school, university, work, and within each group list in importance, close and not so close etc. (Grouping at this stage will also help if you eventually decide to do a seating plan.) This is also a good time to decide who you want to play key roles such the best man and chief bridesmaid and check with them if they’re going to be around for the date or time of year you have in mind.

Once you have asked yourselves these key questions you are better prepared for the next steps and that’s when the fun really begins!

All photos courtesy of Marianne Taylor Photography

Monday, 20 July 2009

Real Wedding: Claudia & Didier

At the beginning of July we did the On the Day Co-ordination for Claudia and Didier’s wedding in Croydon.

Claudia’s from Germany and Didier is from Mauritius with family living in France so it was a truly international day with guests coming far and wide. As their home has been in Didier’s family for a number of years they decided to host the wedding there and their neighbour was happy to let them use his garden too, which doubled the space

With a colour scheme of white, shell, mushroom and gold they transformed the garden and marquee into a perfect wedding venue full of personal touches.

The marquee was arranged around an apple tree growing in the garden from which Claudia hung tea-light lanterns and butterflies- creating a lovely backdrop for the cake.

Didier’s Sister made a fabulous favour tree which tied in beautifully with the apple tree; from which she hung the traditional sugared almonds in various styles of holders from hearts to teardrops, personalised with the couple's name and wedding date.

Didier‘s sister also made all the simple rose and gyp floral arrangements for the tables, and with Claudia the candle and shell displays.

Claudia handmade all the menus for the tables, each one was a unique design.

The day went very well and it really was an absolute pleasure working with such a lovely couple. Thank you Claudia and Didier - wishing you both all the best for the future.

Bouquet by Garlands Florists
Catering by Sunshine Catering
All photos taken by me

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Adorable Finds: Soap

I saw these Fringe Alchemy Soaps by Anthropologie on the dieline blog the other day and fell in love with them: I especially like the gold detailing over the black and white image. I think Botanique is my favourite and jasmine & lime sounds like a great combination. I think they would make a beautiful addition to a welcome gift bag for out of town guests or in hen party goody bags, even favours.

Then they posted these TokyoMilk soaps from Denver-based Margot Elena Wells which are just as beautiful with their different images and as I’ve a soft spot for Paris I think the Eiffel tower print would be my favourite and great if you wanted a French feel to your wedding.

I’ve only shown a couple of each; check out the full posts for more. The best bit is they are both available to buy from the Anthropologie website a fab US based company, “with a love for making things that inspire the imagination” that delivers to the UK.

Monday, 13 July 2009

DIY Projects: Punchy lighting

A couple of fun lighting DIY projects, which both involve punching holes.

Tin Can Table Numbers from 100 Layer Cake

Lighted Paper Pennant Garland from Once Wed

With both these projects you could easily co-ordinate the colours to suit your wedding.

Follow the links for full instructions.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Adorable Finds: Charm Bracelets

Wedding Day *Bride* Altered Art Charm Bracelet from Jezebel Charms

Wedding Whirly Charm Bracelet from Pretty Peyote

Sterling Silver Champagne Crystal Pearl and Antique Glass Button Charm Bracelet from Mrs Gibson’s Atelier

All bracelets found on Folksy

Monday, 6 July 2009

Wedding Flower Course

Having always loved arranging flowers I thought it would be great to learn floristry techniques for weddings so, last summer, I took a short course in Wedding Flower design at a local college. It was fun and inspiring to do and gave me a great insight into the work involved putting together a good floral design, how long it takes and what costs are involved.

If any of you are thinking of doing your own flowers for your wedding and are looking for some hands on help and inspiration then I would highly recommend you take a short course. Not only will this teach you all the basic techniques you may even meet some other local brides to share ideas with.

Bear in mind also that floral arrangements do take time and some items such as hand tied bouquets and button holes need to be done as late as possible to preserve their freshness, so if you are considering the DIY route for table arrangements think about hiring a professional florist in for these as you don’t want to give yourself any more pressure the morning of your wedding.

Here are some of my arrangements:

A modern display in a vase.
A floral handbag either for display or can be held. Great for bridesmaids and flower girls especially as they can be put down easily, I recommend you scale the handbag to the size of the holder.

A Shower bouquet.

All photos Always Andri
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