Friday, 5 November 2010

Always Loves: Fireworks

“Remember Remember the fifth of November!!”
Photo by Erin of A Simple Photograph via Style Me Pretty here
I’m a big fan of bonfire night as I love firework displays; I live on a hill so if we’re not going out I tend to sit in the bay window in my bedroom and watch the displays across London with my little boy, which when your view takes in Canary Wharf to the London Eye is quite impressive (and a lot warmer!)
If you’re out to wow your guests then a great firework display during your wedding can be a fabulous thing. Here are some inspirational shots of fireworks at weddings…

Photo by Jessica Claire.

How amazing is this photo? She explains how she took it here and the rest of the wedding is here

Photo Zoe Collyer by via Rock My Wedding Here

Sometimes you just get very lucky and there’s a display going on nearby…
Photography by Max Wanger here

A few things to consider if you are having a firework display:
Check your venue allows it, many won’t so if you have your heart set on fireworks bear this in mind when venue searching. If they do allow ask if they can recommend a good company.
If the wedding is at home or a private residence, let your neighbours know.

Don’t let the display run on too long especially if it’s cold and guests have gone outside to watch. A short varied display can create a better impact.

Let your photographer and or videographer know you plan on having fireworks and when; check they have experience taking photos of fireworks and that they will be still be there when it goes off.

Not only will the display be a truly memorable event for you and your guests but in the hands of a good photographer you should get some stunning shots too.

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