Monday, 18 April 2011

A Quick Tip: Favours

If you want to give favours at your wedding then try and make them meaningful, something that represent you as a couple: perhaps you both love gardening, how about giving some cute packaged seeds or even little potted plants. Favours you’ve made yourselves, especially food based ones are always great too-homemade jam with personalised labels is always a big hit and it won’t get left behind.

Photos by Gideon Photography via Green Wedding Shoes, here


  1. Great post, all too often I've been to weddings where the bride has spent hours stuffing little organza bags with goodies, only for them to be left at the end of the evening!

  2. I agree - favours used to be so 'standardised' but now they really can reflect your personality, interests etc. I had white charity bracelets as my favours, which meant that they didn't clash with my dress ;) everyone could wear them on the day, and it helped a charity close to my heart.


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