Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Always Advice: Choosing Your Dress.

Choosing your wedding dress is one of the best things about getting married. Right? You dream about it from a young age, it’s your day to shine; all focus will be on you with everyone telling you how wonderful you look. Well for all these same reasons choosing your wedding dress can be as daunting and nerve-racking as it should be fun and exciting.

Before you rush of to the shops it's worth doing a little preparation. Bridal magazines and their websites are your obvious first port of call when looking for ideas for your wedding outfit, (after all you may ultimately decide on something other than a dress). Go through and pick out the styles you like, whatever shape or size to give you a feel for what it is you want and if there any particular designers you love. Also consider other magazines such as Vogue if you’re not sure you want a typical dress. It’s also worth looking at celebrity magazines especially around awards season as you’ll get to see a great selection of evening dresses as worn by the stars.

As you look at the different styles think about what you want your dress to say about you and does it reflect your true personality. Would your groom, friends and family be surprised to see you in a certain style, (which may be the effect your after) or will they take one look and know it’s you all over. You need to feel happy and confident in the outfit you choose and not feel tied to what you think will be expected of you. You wear the dress not the other way round.

Another factor worth considering when thinking about what style of dress is the kind of wedding you are having and the venue. Are you having a large church wedding, an imposing mansion house or perhaps something more intimate – a garden party or city restaurant? Larger weddings in grand settings would suit a real statement dress such as a ball gown, where an intimate affair might call for something simpler such as a lightweight empire line dress. Also bear in mind practical aspects; a church wedding may require a certain amount of concealment, marrying abroad- will the dress travel well?

Body shape plays a part in what kind of wedding dresses you can wear so bear this in mind when choosing suitable styles. However, rather than thinking about the body parts you hate and you want to hide think about the parts you love and celebrate them. Use your dress to flatter these areas; no one will be paying any attention to the other parts anyway.

Also set yourself a budget you are happy to spend on your dress not forgetting all the accessories- shoes, jewellery etc. Even if your budget is tight don’t rule out getting a designer dress you may be able to go for a very simple version of a style you like and add accessories such a coloured sash or vintage brooch to personalise it.

Finally research your shopping options. Large bridal shops which stock a range of designers are a good starting point but also consider department stores, unique boutiques and vintage shops for something different.

All photos courtesy of Marianne Taylor Photography

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  1. Most incredible wedding dress last saturday! Can't wait to get the editing done so I can post something. :D


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