Monday, 17 August 2009

DIY Succulent in Jar

Last week I shared my love of succulents, here’s a little DIY project.

Succulents in jars could be used as favours with a thank you note tied around the top or clustered together as part of the table décor.

What you need:
A small succulent plant, A glass jar, Gravel, a piece of card and glue or a small card tube.

We love Bonne Maman conserves in our house so this was the jar I used but you could use any style, I think a variety of shapes and sizes would look good especially if you are going for a laid back country look.

What to do:
Make a tube from a small piece of card or use the inside of a tissue roll. Cut it down so that it sits 1cm below the top of the jar.

Carefully fill the jar with the gravel on the outside of the card roll, put some down the middle too so the base is covered.

Once filled put a little soil down the centre then gently plant in your succulent. Firmly press it into the jar and then cover the soil with the gravel.

You could use different coloured gravel or even coloured sand. You could even experiment with layers of colours.

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