Wednesday, 7 October 2009

DIY Tealight Lanterns

A number of venues these days restrict the use of candles even enclosed ones, so here is a little DIY project from Project Wedding to make battery operated tea lights look a lot more attractive

Supplies for each lantern

a. Battery operated tea light
b. 2 brads (I know them as butterfly pins)
c. Ribbon, several inches in length
d. Strip of vellum 2.5”by 5.25 (check measurement works for your size of tea light)
Trim one of the long sides with decorative scissors (Hobbycraft do a collection of screen printed vellum pieces which would be nice if you didn’t want to add the personalised initial)
e. Double sided tape

Supplies for optional embellishments:
a. Needle and Thread
b. Paper flowers
c. Pin
d. Printed letter

Basic directions:
1. Wrap the strip of vellum around battery operated tea light and adheres with the double sided tape.
2. Using the brads attach length of ribbon to the ‘lantern’ to form a handle from which to hang

Optional Embellishments
Pinhole monogram: before assembling the lantern, use a pin and printed letter as a guide to punch a monogram in the vellum strip.
Flowered Handle: after the lantern is assembled use a needle and thread to tack paper flowers to ribbon handle.

As well as looking lovely on tables or hung around the venue these could also work nicely as favours, you could attach a little note of thanks to them.

DIY Tea light Lanterns from Practical Wedding

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