Thursday, 15 October 2009

Stretching your Wedding Budget

We recently contributed a top tip on Stretching your Wedding Budget to You & Your Wedding

Save on…table decorations

“Why print separate menus and place cards when you can combine the two? And why not let your tablecentres double as favours. Little potted plants gathered around a cathedral candle looks impressive and everyone can take a souvenir plant home afterwards.”

If you’re thinking about what plants to use I think herbs are great as they have a lovely aroma which would complement the food at the table rather than overpower it and your guests would have a useful gift as well one that looks pretty. Thyme would be one of my favourites as there are a number of different varieties to choose from such as lemon or orange thyme which has pink flowers. You could have great fun sourcing vintage pots or buy plain ones that you could make-over to tie in with your colours. I would also provide little paper bags which could be easily personalized with a Thank you for your guests to take the plants home in.

For more budget saving ideas from fellow UKAWP members check out the rest of article here.

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  1. What an amazing idea! I had been thinking potted plants for the tables, since I think cut flowers are always such a waste. I would never have thought of herbs - beautiful nostril preparation before the meal.

    I will be visiting your blog quite a bit! Keep up the amazing ideas.



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