Thursday, 22 April 2010

Adorable Finds: Slinks Sandals

With all this beautiful weather we're having I've been thinking about my summer footwear so I was delighted to discover Slinks, they are a great little sandal that comes in 4 different colour ways and with interchangeable straps, so you can completely change the look of the sandal.

Katie Rose

I think they’d be a great honeymoon shoe or make a lovely gift for bridesmaids as they come in lovely silk carry cases.

Silk Bag containing a pair of leather bases, Katie Rose & Mowana Moon Uppers

Colours available are Black, Chocolate, Truffle and Ivory and they come with 2 styles of upper included, Katie Rose and Mowana Moon and you can choose from a selection of different uppers to add to your collection.

Adeline Dew

Judith Ann

If you're having a laid back beach wedding this could even be the perfect wedding shoe.

Slinks can be purchased online at Slinks, John Lewis and at various boutique outlets, contact Jane Rafter for further details.

All images Courtesy of Slinks by Jane Rafter

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