Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Always Asks Gorgeous Films (Part 1)

I recently had the pleasure of working with Gorgeous Films a Dorset based wedding videography company who can cover the whole of the UK, including London, Surrey and Kent.

I caught up with Jo Barr who runs Gorgeous films with her husband Gary, to ask her few questions about Gorgeous Films.

What’s your background?

Gorgeous Films consists of professional documentary filmmakers who have been producing high-end wedding and event DVDs for over six years, following successful careers in network television.

Why did you get into wedding videography?

Mainly because we realised there were no decent wedding videographers out there and we felt we could provide an excellent service to couples looking for a high-end film of their wedding. We also wanted to bring the very best in broadcast production standards to personally commissioned films.

How would you describe your style?

Unobtrusive, romantic and natural. We want our clients, and their family and friends, to be completely engaged in their film from beginning to end. They should laugh, they should cry (in a good way!) and most importantly it should bring the day back to life.

Where do you find your inspiration?

We simply love our jobs. We love filming and editing, the whole process involved in making a great film. Weddings are so filmic and amazing to shoot. Everyone looks gorgeous, the venues are stunning and the stars of the show are completely in love – what could be more inspiring?

What has been you best experience at a wedding?

Impossible question! They all bring something different to the table, no wedding is the same. When the couple looks very much in love and don’t seem to notice anything around them but each other, they are our favourite films to edit because we are romantics at heart!

What has been the most unforgettable/memorable moment at a wedding?

There are so many highlights – we have shot over 400 weddings and pinning them all down to one unforgettable moment is impossible. I suppose one of the most memorable things we’ve seen is Westlife performing a set at one wedding we shot but there really are so many other moments – too many to recall.

What have you found the most challenging at a wedding?

Every wedding is extremely challenging to film because we care very deeply about getting it 100% right. Not only do you have just one chance to capture shots visually but you also have to record the audio clearly too, which is no mean feat, especially when there is only one or two cameramen present.

Plus it’s a live event so you can’t control any aspect of it - being on your toes at all times and super organised before you even get there is par for the course.

Added to all of this is the pressure of it being the most important day of the couples’ lives and you alone are responsible for producing a beautiful film for them to remember it by. Photos are fantastic but a film brings the day back to life in a way no other format can; it’s a huge responsibility, which we take incredibly seriously.

What would you like to do of it you weren’t a videographer?

Honestly? This is my dream job and I can balance it with bringing up my two young children so it is perfect, I can’t imagine doing anything else.

What’s your one obsession at the moment-something you just can’t live without?

Sky + and my Blackberry!

Come back next time for some great advice from Jo on wedding planning and choosing your videographer

Film Stills courtesy of Gorgeous Films

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