Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Always Loves: The Any Campaign

Photo by Michele M Waite via 100 Layer Cake here

One of my favourite weddings I’ve ever been too was an outdoor wedding on the edge of a lake with mountains in the backdrop, it was the most amazing setting and as the happy couple stood beneath the alter canopy held by their friends and exchanged their very personal vows I couldn’t help but shed a tear. Now I’ve been married for nine years and I loved my wedding it was a big fat Greek wedding in the fabulous St Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Central London, it was an amazing day but if I was to have a small intimate wedding I think this wedding by the lake would be my dream wedding setting, it was sooo beautiful but you couldn’t have this wedding in the UK as it wouldn’t be legal.

Photo by Love Me Do Photography via Green Wedding Shoes here

As British law stands for a wedding in the UK to be legal the venue needs to be licensed by the local registrar it must have a roof and be moored to its foundations, oh and must take place between 8am and 6pm, an antiquated law first drawn up before electricity to stop people accidently marrying the wrong person in the dark! There are some great venues out there that have managed to get cute gazebo and pavilions licensed as a means to getting around the law but that still means the choices you have as to where and when you get married are limited.

This is where Tino & Pip, the fabulous photographers Penny & Martin who I did the Ananya Cards photo shoot with come in; they have set up The Any Campaign which is “aiming to encourage the government to modernise marriage laws which have seen inadequate change since 1837” and is requesting your help in getting the British laws relaxed so that everyone can have the wedding of their dreams “Anytime, Anywhere”

Show your support first and foremost by signing the petition, then check out the blog for further information and inspirational outdoor weddings, follow them on twitter and facebook and tell everyone all about The Any Campaign as the more signatures the more chance there is the laws might be changed.

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