Friday, 18 February 2011

Always Andri ~ The Poem!!

When I got in touch with Kate the Wedding Poet to ask her my questions I also asked if she could write me a little 3-4 line poem to go with the post. This is what she came back to me with-I loved it so much I thought it deserved its very own post.

Always Andri

Trying to plan the perfect wedding
Can drive you up the wall
So contact Andri the wedding planner
And she’ll take care of it all
Whether you need a lot of help
Or only a little bit
Always Andri will find you a package
That’s just the perfect fit
From venues to tiaras to photos
There’s nothing Andri cannot do
To make your day go smoothly
And be really special too
She can take the stress
Out of choosing a dress
Find someone to bake
Your wedding cake
Come up with ideas for kids and things
And help you choose your wedding rings
So for a day that’s as perfect as it can be
Make sure you visit Always Andri!

©Kate Tym – The Wedding Poet - 2011

A huge thank you to Kate for my fab poem.
Photo courtesy of Fanni Williams at Fubumedia


  1. Andri thats fantastic - how lovely!x

  2. Great poem! I love it and is perfectly suited to the amazing work that you do! Well done to you both :)


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