Friday, 6 May 2011

A Royal Wedding: My Thoughts

Well I feel I’m coming a little late to the party on this one as to be honest my focus recently has been on my lovely couple Anne & Seb’s wedding which took place on Saturday. So after watching the wedding on my net book while working and then having a few days off I’ve been spending some time catching up on all the Royal wedding news and now feel a little less out of the loop.

So what are my thoughts on the Royal wedding –well let’s start with the dress because surely that was at the top of everyone’s list whether they were into royal weddings or not. I’m pleased to say I wasn’t disappointed. I’d always pictured her in a Grace Kelly inspired dress-something about the timeless elegance that felt it would be the perfect inspiration for a modern day princess. Now I maybe slightly biased, I wore a long sleeved jacket on my wedding day,  but I think we’ll be seeing a lot more long sleeved wedding dresses from now on. There was a number of long sleeved gowns seen at the Golden Globes earlier this year as well as at the New York bridal market recently and I think it will be trend that continues to grow.

Now I also liked her second dress but can’t get over the niggling feeling that I wish she’d been a bit more adventurous with the design-after all the pressure was off by this point and the evening do was her chance to let her hair down a little and with Sarah Burton as designer, why not?

For the less traditional bride I think Kate’s sister Pippa’s slinky white sheath dress will also be great inspiration not just for your maids but for brides too, who wouldn’t want to look that fabulous on their wedding day, so I think white for your bridesmaids and slinky wedding dress will be very popular.

Other great details I liked were the lovely Halo tiara, great choice considering she probably had her pick of some amazing royal tiaras; her cute little Lilly of the Valley bouquet, which I imagine smelt divine; the majestic maple trees in the Abbey-although I would have loved to have seen blossom filled trees, perfect for a spring wedding; the top 4 tiers of the wedding cake and the fact that Kate chose all the flowers that were to be on it based on their symbolic meaning and I would have loved to have eaten the grooms chocolate cake-yum! (It was made to a secret royal recipe but you could try one of these recipes here and here)

As a young couple in love but with the pressure of the world looking on I think it was always going to be interesting to see how they injected themselves into their day. There were some lovely touches from the Sweet William flowers in her adorable Lily of the Valley bouquet to leaving Buckingham Palace in William’s Aston Martin but by far the loveliest thing for me was seeing how genuinely happy they both were on the day (I do love a smiling bride) and their little sweet asides to each other.

So congratulations to William and Kate a lovely day all round which many will remember for a long time. What were your thoughts on the royal wedding?

All photos via BBC News here. Cake photos here

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