Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I was going to blog about the Love My Dress Summer Soiree today but after the events of the last three days, especially last night it just didn’t feel like the right thing to do…

I’m a Londoner, born in a small hospital I East Dulwich, went to primary school in West Norwood, secondary in Streatham while living in Croydon and now living back in West Norwood where my son goes to the same primary school that I went too. My husband’s a Londoner and we met and later married in London too. My sister lives in North London and both my brother with his family and my parents live in Croydon. So as you can imagine watching the news last night wasn’t easy and when I spoke to my sister in law this morning she told me of a sleepless night listening to sirens and helicopters, and worrying about their house being broken into as they watched masked youths running around looting the large shops round the corner from them. 

I don’t really want to get into the “who, what, whys” about last night (there will be others who can do it far better than me) but I do want to send out my love, thoughts and support to all those who have been affected by the rioting not just in London but around the UK. I also want to celebrate London, my favourite city in the world, my home, my friends and families’ homes and on a day like today let us not forget the beauty that is London…

For those of you that want to help take a look at this blog post by Pocketful of Dreams


  1. Well said. Praying for your beautiful city.

  2. Nicely said Andri, let's hope it stops and this beautiful city recovers.

  3. I couldn't agree more! Having lived in Central London for eight years before moving to the Cotswolds, I love the city and find these reports devastating. It is amazing that such a proportionally small percentage of people can cause so much hurt and upset.


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