Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A Love My Dress Summer Soiree

So a couple of weeks ago I packed my little overnight case with my glam vintage inspired dress, far too much makeup and a selection of jewellery to head off to sunny Newcastle for the Love My Dress Summer Soiree. My train journey wasn’t quite the relaxing one I had pictured, (no thanks to Virgin trains but that’s another story) so I did get to my hotel a little later than intended meaning my best laid plans for hair& makeup that evening were a little rushed but the evening soon started to look up as I joined a bevy of beautiful ladies in the bar at the Copthorne Hotel where I was staying.

After some banter with some lovely ladies I knew and introductions to some new, we headed off in a minibus taxi to The Baltic where we greeted by a line up of the good and the glamorous. This was one queue I didn’t mind joining as it gave everyone the perfect opportunity to eye up everyone’s outfits which ranged from fabulous 50’s glamour to modern sophistication -including the boys, but as expected at an event of this nature they were outnumbered by some way.


At the door we were greeted by 3 fabulous hostesses in 1920’s flapper dresses, a glass of champagne and a cute nametag, I was also lucky enough to get a goody bag which contained some delicious brownies and macaroons amongst other things and a limited edition Vicky Trainor Vintage Drawer bookmark. Inside The Baltic had been transformed into the perfect vintage space with comfy leather sofas, armchairs and props and an amazing boudoir themed dessert bar by Ava Event Styling with the most yummy looking sweet treats on it, sadly I didn’t get to try any-too busy partying.

The rest of evening was spent catching up with old friends and new as we drank champagne and ate canapés, listened to a live jazz trio and  treated to two burlesque performance from  Vicky Butterfly. We even got have a little dance under the glitter ball; something about wearing a 1950’s inspired dress you can’t help but want to spin round all night.

It really was a fabulous evening and a perfect representation of all of Annabel’s hard work and dedication to her blog and her love of the wedding industry, showcasing some amazing suppliers’ talents. I’ll look forward to going to many more in the future. 

For lots more info on all the fabulous suppliers involved and photos check out Love My Dress A Summer Soiree: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and video and a far more detailed and descriptive write up by The Wedding Reporter.

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