Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Always Loves: Creative Table Plans

One of my favourite aspects of wedding day décor is the stationery element as I think it’s an area where you can really infuse your personality and set the style of your day.

Here are some creative table plans that I hope will inspire you to think a little bit out of the box when creating yours…

A colourful, quirky plan in a beautiful antique frame with cute little Polaroid pics of the couple

~What's your style modern or shabby chic?
Bold colourful graphic print from the fab CMYK wedding or pretty pink peonies...

Using blackboards can be a great way of accommodating any last minute changes to your table plans. Here individual boards are used for each table..

This black board based plan had Polaroid illustrating the table name with notes from the couple
Here used with the potted herbs the tables are named after...

Don’t limit yourself to just black boards to write onto-how about window panes and mirrors?

From suitcases, antique bookshelves to ladders, think of all the creative ways you can display your plan…

Photo by Eliza Claire

This creative bride used a Victorian letter cabinet, a vintage book and jam jar for her table plan

I could go on and show you many more as there are so many fabulous ideas out there that you can take as inspiration but I'll leave it at that for today, next time I'll show you ideas for escort card displays. So what are you doing for your wedding?

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