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Always Asks Under The Cherry Moon

Last year I talked about the cute ‘Will you be my…’ cards from Under the Cherry Moon who I discovered via Rock’n’Roll Bride and I’m delighted to bring you today an interview with the owner and creator of UTCM Rhiannon Burton.

Why did you decide to set up Under the Cherry Moon?

Like a lot of folks who go into the wedding industry, it was the painful procedure of planning my own wedding! I was working as a midwife, and found it super tough to find the hours in the day to arrange a wedding which I hoped would be reflective of us as individuals and as a couple. I was so sure I didn’t want to cave in to the pressure of planning and stray down the path of matching the napkins to the bridesmaids' shoes. Frankly, I would have sold a kidney to come across a wedding professional who “got” what I was trying to do and would take the hard work off my hands. Our wedding wasn’t even out of the ordinary, the format was traditional but just with a few extra details. At the time there were very few innovative blogs around and even less inspiration coming out of the UK wedding magazines, so inevitably I had to produce everything myself.

How would you describe your style/vision?

Relaxed, eclectic and personal. I love details in a wedding, even more so if they reflect the personalities and interests of the couple. I’d like to banish all wedding professionals who dictate what’s right and wrong in etiquette and tradition, to a big island where they can enforce their rules amongst themselves. It’s not all about the money.

What’s your design process?

For couples wanting bespoke design and/or wedding styling, I need to spend quite a bit of time probing them! Questions about their personality, everyday style, like/dislikes, vision for their day, all gives me a clearer picture of how I could translate this into their wedding day style.

If I’m designing individual elements for people to use themselves on the site, I try to think of trends and what people might be searching for. Recently there’s been more interest in birds, animals, insects… So I’d try to get some elements onto the site for folks to start building their stationery. I’d love it people suggested designs they wanted to see, perhaps Twitter would be a good forum for them to do this…

You finally launched your fabulous website towards the end of last year and it includes being able to DIY your own stationery-can you explain how it works?

The site gives you the option to pick and choose from backgrounds, design elements and frames, add them to your lightbox (a kind of design basket), then drag and drop them onto your artboard, changing sizes, positions and colours. You can then add your own text, approve online, and the printed version will be sent out to you. If starting from scratch fills you with terror, there are also readymade designs which are a great place to start. You can simply change the example text to your own, or customise it further as above.

What has been your favourite wedding to design for /work on?

I love working with couples who are eager for some creative input. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing a Circus themed wedding I worked on in Brides magazine in the spring.

What have you found the most challenging job?

Actually I find designing “classic” wedding stationery the hardest. It feels alien to me to create something impersonal. I want to dig a bit deeper!

What do you think couples should be looking for when sourcing their wedding stationery?

Personality and reflected interests (Am I boring yet?!). If you hate flowers and would never buy anything with flowers on in your everyday life, why would you choose to have one on your wedding invite?

What advice would you give to couples when planning their wedding?

Let go of the preconceptions of what you should and shouldn’t have. It’ll be a much more fun process if you make it all about you.

What do you wish couples knew already when working with you?

Colours are never exact.

Where do you see the future of Under the Cherry Moon?

I want to make it easy for people to find lovely, artfully mismatched details for their wedding. As well as providing a full design and styling service. I’ve got a few themes I’d love to work on…
Alice in Wonderland, High School Sweethearts, Folksy...Eventually I suspect there’ll be a UTCM baby line too.

What’s your one non-wedding obsession at the moment?


Thank you Rhiannon, we wish you all the best for the future. Do check out the new Under the Cherry Moon website where not only will you find great DIY and bespoke stationery but also other fun things for your wedding too from bunting, button holes, paper pompoms and even wedding bouquets made from wedding dress off cuts.

Images courtesy of Under the Cherry Moon. Circus Invitation suite photo by Lillian & Leonard

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  1. Great Interview...and thanks for the introduction too. It's always nice to discover new talent in the industry.
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