Thursday, 14 January 2010

Gift List Service: Beyond Weddings

Beyond Weddings is a new gift lift service from Interior designer Chelsea Bidwill. As many of you may have already been living together for a while a standard home wares gift list might not be for you, or you may have only recently bought a place together and it’s in need of major renovation. This is where Beyond Weddings can offer a real helping hand. They offer 3 services from helping picking out your gift lists to detailed decoration and full renovation plans.

The designer will work with you both to find your design style, create a mood board and pick out d├ęcor items, furniture etc that truly complement the home you want to set up together. If you go for the top to toe package they will even draw up plans for major renovation work which can be posted on line for your guests to see. They will put together a gift list for your guests to access via a secure online website where they can either buy individual pieces or contribute towards the larger pieces.

Chelsea Bidwill, head designer of Beyond Design Ltd explains the concept further: “A wedding normally represents the start of a new life – as couples set out on their journey together. The furniture and decoration they choose will colour and shape their lives for years to come. Beyond Weddings creates wedding lists which allow couples to identify their combined style and to bring together the objects, furniture, decorations and fixtures needed to set up a marital home together, under the expert eye of a seasoned interior designer.”

Another advantage of a guest list like this is that it gives you a project to work on after your wedding has taken place. After months of planning it can be easy to feel at a bit of a loss following the ‘big day’ and a large project like renovating the kitchen or bathroom can be something you can both work on together as you start your life as a married couple.

All images courtesy of Beyond Weddings

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