Thursday, 21 January 2010

Vintage Boudoir Shoot with Julia Boggio

On Tuesday Kat from the amazing Rock’n’Roll Bride blog finally revealed (after a few sneek peaks on Twitter) her fabulous Vintage Boudoir photos taken by Julia Boggio, one of London’s best and most creative wedding photographers. I caught up with Julia to ask her a little more about the concept behind her vintage boudoir shoots.

Why a ‘Vintage’ Boudoir shoot?

Vintage Boudoir is all about helping women feel fantastic by giving them a 1940s makeover and photographing them dressed as sexy pin-up models. It's fun and it's different from the majority of boudoir that's available out there today. The pin-up look is so much more erotic than a lot of modern boudoir, which often shows too much. Pin up is all about tantalising the viewer with what’s being covered up, but saying ‘I’m cheeky and sexy’ in the expression.

How does the shoot work? (Hair, makeup, costumes etc)

Pin up art harkens back to an era when women had more time to spend pampering themselves and making themselves look amazing. The Vintage Boudoir experience has been created to give clients that beautiful feeling again. My team of hair (Sev from The Hepburn Collection) and make-up (Kaz Fernando) professionals create the classic pin-up look with every client. After they’ve been given their makeover, including sweeping false eyelashes, they go into wardrobe, where I help them into their hold ups and costume. When a woman books for a Vintage Boudoir session, she is welcome to either pop into the studio to peruse the looks we have or chat with me over the phone, so we can decide which set ups to go for at the shoot. We have loads of costumes and props to suit different body shapes and sizes. The great thing about this style is that everyone can look sexy, whether you’re a size 4 or 24.
Once the client is looking fabulous, I then work with them in front of the lens to get the right expressions and poses. We have the ‘oops, I caught my dress’ look, the ‘surprised & naughty’ look, and the ‘innocent seductress’ look, to name a few. Together, we figure out which one works best for the client and away we go. For those that need a little Dutch courage, we've got plenty of Prosecco!

Do the models/ladies need to bring anything to the shoot with them-costumes, accessories etc?

We usually ask them to bring some high heels in black and a few colours, just in case we don't have anything that fits them. Other than that, we've got it covered. Working with a stylist and a seamstress, we design each look in our style book and then source the props and outfits needed to create the image. Our seamstress hand makes the majority of our costumes. The rest are either sourced from shops or they are genuine vintage pieces. If the client would like to do a look that we don't have the props or outfits for, she is more than welcome to bring her own things. We can even direct her to places she can look for props.

What do you recommend ladies do with the photos after the shoot?

After the shoot, the client will be scheduled in for viewing session.Clients have a range of ways that they can display their images, from small desk frames to large-format acrylics. When we were creating a product range to go with Vintage Boudoir, we decided that this isn’t the kind of gift you give to hide away in your husband’s drawer. This is tasteful, colourful, fun and sexy. It should be a part of your interior design.

Thanks for the info Julia and to Kat for letting me blog about the shoot; of all the types of boudoir shoots out there this the one that most appeals to me with my love of costumes. So whether you’re getting married or not and are looking for a great gift for your partner or just to have a fun day dressing up and looking amazing consider the Vintage Boudoir Shoot: for further information take a look at Julia’s website, and head over to Rock'n'Roll Bride, here for the rest of Kat's fabulous shoot.

All images courtesy of Julia Boggio via Rock’n’Roll Bride

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  1. Aren't these pictures gorgeous? I adore Julia Boggio's VB work. Thanks for your comment by the way :) X


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