Friday, 14 January 2011

A little bit about me...

When meeting with a new couple it’s important to me to really get to know them, their lives and loves so that when we plan their day together I can help them inject all those personal touches that will make it memorable for them and their guests. At the same time when it comes to choosing your wedding planner as well as knowing they’re going to provide you with an excellent service I think you also want to know that you’re going to get on with them. So with this in mind I decided that it was time I shared a little more about me on the blog so that you can get to know me bit better. So I’ll be posting more regular posts where I will be sharing with you not only some behind the scenes info on the life of a wedding planner but also some more personal things that I’m inspired by and love from beautiful imagery, great books and quotes to my favourite plays, films and TV programs.

To get things going I thought I’d start by sharing some photos of me! Taken by the wonderfully talented Fanni Williams of Fubumedia along the Southbank in London. It was a cold, wet December day and despite there being loads of snow that week it had all gone by this day. I’ll confess I’m not naturally comfortable in front of the camera but Fanni was great at helping me relax and enjoy being photographed and as you can see I do tend to smile quite a bit, I’m not really into serious posy photos, my one attempt leaning against the tree below was swiftly followed by me bursting into laughter a bit like in the first photo…

I thought I’d also share with you why we went to the Southbank: the walk from Waterloo Station along the river to London Bridge is one of my favourite things to do in London not only are the views great across the river but you take in art galleries, theatres, loads of yummy restaurants and boutique shops and the fab second hand bookstalls outside the British Film Institute. How could it get any better? Well for me it can as it was the place my husband and I shared our first meal together and where a couple of years later he proposed, the final photo below is taken outside the restaurant we ate in that night.

A big thank you to Fanni for taking the photos it was fab day and I’m looking forward to working on future projects together. For more photos from the day take a look at Fanni’s Blog here

I want to use one of the photos above for my soon to be updated about us page; I’d love to know which one you think I should use?


  1. Gorgeous photos Andri - looks like you had fun despite the weather. I think my favourite has to be the second set of photos top left - sums you up perfectly :)

  2. wow,they are gorgeous- i absolutely love the two of you in the hat though - especially the giggly one, it is the onethat jumps out as really being you! x


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